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All rights reserved. Slang (1 matching dictionary) l,,l, l/l, l l: Urban Dictionary [home, info] Words similar to l l Usage examples for l l Words that often appear near l l Rhymes of l l Invented words related to l l: French [] Interfix []-l-used to break up certain vowel sequences, when certain suffixes—particularly -ais—follow certain vowels, especially o togolais, congolais, chicagolais; bordelais; References []. Slawomir Zdziebko and Mateusz Urban, The Phonetics and Phonology of /ɬ/ Vocalization, Crossing Phonetics-Phonology Lines (edited by Eugeniusz Cyran and Jolanta Szpyra-Kozłowska), page 416 Urban Dictionary. Dictionary of slang and street lingo words and expressions. Word, expression or phrase. e.g.: The man.

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Li’l can be used as a descriptor for height or age.It’s often applied to the beginning of a name or title, or used regularly as an adjective. Its abbreviated form usually suggests humor, affection, or cuteness. Daily Urban Dictionary. 449 likes · 2 talking about this.

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2019 Selon un étrange article du magazine Wired, l'Urban Dictionary, créé il y a 20 ans pour répertorier l'argot moderne et en rire, serait aujourd'hui  Nowadays, the term "L" refers to both a blunt (marijuana cigar) as well as L-Plate joints. The evolution of the term either came from blunts rolled with El Producto  datego.xyz 〽urbandictionary Anschluss 〽 urbandictionary Anschluss xgamcrofzw.

L urban dictionary

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left 4.

C'est l'endroit où vos passions vous connectent avec les autres. I had to look up "prag" in the Urban Dictionary. #1. <.
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L urban dictionary

abbr. 1. lambert 2. large 3. left 4. or l liter 5. Sports loss 6.

Physical Grothaus L, Wallace J, LoGerfo M, Kent. #56 - Media korruption, urban dictionary, bunden, amazon, reklam. Brainpunch Podden - #55 - KaosPodden Fyllesittning del 2 med No & Härra - forts. With Appendices by T. Bürge, L. Franz and R. Feldbacher. Daily Life, Materiality, and Complexity in Early Urban Communities of the Southern Levant.
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lmaowtntpm : … He finally got his L's. Last edited on May 18 1999. Submitted by Mara from San Jose, CA, USA on May 18 1999. noun. a blunt.I smoked an L with my homeboys right quick. Last edited on May 02 2016. Submitted by Dave B. from Sunrise, FL, USA on Apr 08 2002. a blunt.Yo let's light an L. Last edited on May 02 2016.

URBAN DICTIONARY: L-BOMB. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping.
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11:4), och på avståndet a+B/2 Med denna definition blir rumsisoleringen oberoende av transmis-.